Monday, February 3, 2014

A week in review :- presents, outings and midnight feasts

A snippet of a few of enjoyable moments during the past week captured on film.  Enjoy!

A quiet coffee and sweet treat - buttery shortbread with a salted caramel filling coated in white chocolate!
A couple of lovely presents from an ever thoughtful Dear Husband

Family outings - kite flying and a trip into town for Australia Day festivities

Dear Husband caught having a midnight feast by a sleepless wandering toddler, thus said toddler needing to join in.

First day at school - I'm so proud of you Little Miss M.  
No tears for this momma at drop off.  But when I picked up Little Miss M later in the afternoon and was greeted with "Mama!  I had the best first day of school EVER!" I promptly burst into tears, I was so happy for her.

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