Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Teething problems

We've moved a lot over the years, both with kids and without.  I don't mind it, really.  However, I always feel the tension when the first Summer and Winter rolls around.  I just don't know what these seasons will bring to our new abode.

And in this new place, Winter brought a corker!  Mould and condensation!  I have never had to deal with this before.  Mould now ranks up there with bugs - I can't stand it and it makes me crazy.  I don't know, I think it makes me feel dirty.

Anyway, it hasn't been all fertiliser.  There's been a few roses along the way.

A spot of knitting anyone?

My year long project - meant for the older cousin but finished in time to fit the younger one

Woollen jumper getting its second lease in life

A little something to keep the little one warm

How do you find settling into a new home?

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