Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A wee bit wonka

It's been a little bit about me lately (yeah!).  In the wee hours of the morning, it's amazing what can seem important at that time.  Early one morning, my new obsession took flight - makeup.

Now, I am pretty much a makeup virgin.  Really, honestly, I have never really gone the whole way with makeup.  I've been a bit of a tease.  A token application of foundation.  A swipe of mascara which would then wipe off onto my glasses and under my eyes.  A coloured lip that looked like I had raided my mothers makeup bag.

But, no more... I have decided to make the commitment.  And so I did, starting with foundation.

I've clued up on primers, stippling, flat-paddled brushes.  I researched mineral powders, illuminators and concealers.  I know it, baby.  But theory versus application - what a joke!

It's been over five years since I was colour matched for foundation.  Five years is pretty much a lifetime, especially considering that the last time I was colour matched was when I was young, no kids, and living the vida loca.  I was out and about, baby.

Over five years have passed and I've become a homebody.  I worry about extreme weather with my kids.  Basically, I am no longer the sun-lovin' outdoor nymph, but an anaemic homebody.

And so I was colour-matched.  And here's the difference between what I was wearing and what I was colour-matched with at this point in my life.

In comes my Dear (poor, suffering) Husband...

Prior to being colour-matched, he was hit with this... "what do you think of my makeup today?"  "do I look like I've got makeup on or have just got gorgeous skin?" "can you see the makeup on my face?"  "describe my face today".

After weeks of this, I finally make it into a cosmetics shop and get colour-matched.  I come home, and true to form, I ask my Dear Husband.  And his response..."yeah good.  Not so oompa-loompa ish!"

What?!?  Oompa-loompa ish?!? Huh?

Hmmm... maybe he's got a point...  Did he really let me leave the house thinking that I look like an oompa loompa?  Aaarrrggghhh!

Here is the after shot (complete with the cheesy grin) - fully made up by the lovely Georgia in store.

The most telling thing... I actually felt comfortable showing a little décolletage (flat as it may be) without wearing a scarf.  It would seem that, unconsciously, I was aware of the huge colour difference between my oompa-loompa face and my Snow White neck/decollete.

What do you think?

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