Saturday, April 27, 2013

Confession Time

Thieves + chocoholics = terrible and horrible parents.

This is us... my Dear Husband and I.  Terrible and horrible parents.

Between the two of us, together and separately, we managed to clear out most of our children's Easter chocolate stash.  At one stage in Dear Husband's life, this sort of stash would have lasted almost a year.

I suppose the disturbed nights and the strict set-a-good-example-eating-habit-thing have led to us to this shameful point...

... Sneaking in chocolate treats behind pantry doors while supposedly looking for something healthy for the girls to eat.

... Breaking up a chocolate egg in front of the girls and giving them only a part of it.  And then shamefully finishing it off at night and breaking another egg so that they would not know that we had finished off the original egg.

... Catching a glimpse of a shiny glittery wrapper in the bin and accusing Dear Husband of indulging, when I was putting my own shiny glittery shameful wrapper in the bin.

... Dear Husband offering to drive to the not-so-nearby open-24-hours Kmart after the girls had gone to bed to see if there were any 70% off Easter eggs left to buy for us to indulge in and to replenish the accusingly small stash of eggs left after a not-so-late-night binge.  Well, we did need bread and milk for the next day and there was a 24hour Coles there as well.

Shame shame - know thy name.

Here's another thing that was shameful.  I had bought a dress on a shopping spree about 3 years ago.  Three years later (and three house moves later) and the said dress still had the tag on it!  Shameful, huh?    I half liked it and half hated it.  So I kept the half that I liked and half redeemed myself.  What do you think? (Sorry - no before shot!)

It was originally a shapeless dress that ended around the knees.  In a frill.  I'm a shorty with a lot of junk in my trunk.  I'm not sure what possessed me to buy a shapeless dress that ended around the knees.  In a frill.

So I cut off the knees (of the dress, not mine).  And I cut off the frill.  Ta-da!

Now, let's remix this business!  Show off the junk, baby!

The half-tuck
The low belt
The high belt

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