Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mini Break

We took a mini vacation over the weekend - so last minute (planned on Friday afternoon) and so much fun.  Especially for Dear Husband as it was a trip down memory lane.

First priority stop - Freshwater Creek Cakes.  Aaah - the infamous "Passionfruit Sponge Cake" from years past.  I have to admit - this is a gooooood memory to have.  And now I understand my Dear Husband's obsession for it and how it is in a class of it's own.

This cake is light; it's airy; it has the right combination of sweet balanced by the creamy balanced by the most tender crumb.  It's not sugary; it's not buttery; it's not moist nor is it dry.  What it is - is perfect.  And divine.  And so, so, so delicious.

Surely it can be improved upon?  Yes - by taking a fork to it and devouring it on the pristine sands of a gorgeous beach.

Definitely one of the highlights of the weekend.

And the other highlights include...

A play on the beach even though it's too cold for a swim.

 A jump with Dad on a giant pillow.

A lighthouse.


Playgrounds with beautiful backgrounds.

And some fishing.

Oh - and some more cake!

It was a wonderful, last-minute family vacation.  When was the last time you just packed up and went?


  1. Wow! Looks like heaps of fun! Why didn't we do something like this during Summer?!?! And how much cake can you eat? Hhahahah!! I love the looks on Baby's and Little Miss' faces before and while eating "that" cake!

  2. I know! Even if we have to pay premium rates, we'll make sure to include it in the plans for the next family gathering.
    And yes - waaaay to much cake. But now I know why C goes on about it and I'm going to start my Passionfruit Sponge quest again.