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Happy Easter

Hi y'all!!!

I hope that you've had a wonderful Easter break and are fully refreshed to take on whatever is coming your way.

We've had a real treat - Dear Husband has been home for 5 days now.  I'm not sure how I'll cope when he goes back to work.

And, we've got a couple of exciting "projects" in the works, so more of that in the next few weeks.

But for now... food!  More specifically, the feast my sister put on for family and friends on Easter Sunday.  How she did it frazzle-free, especially with attending Church in the morning, remains a mystery to me!  It was wonderful and here's a sample of what was on the menu...

Home made spring rolls and two different types of chicken nibbles - YUM!!  (And even better the next day, if you can believe that there were leftovers :) )

Gumbo - yeah, gumbo!  Big sis did an amazing job to adapt this recipe to our aussie palates and aussie grocery stores.  How many times has she lamented on not being able to find such-n-such ingredients here!

An awesome roast beef - so moist and tender.  Well-planned around Church and a temperamental oven!

Green salad and a pasta basil pesto salad (my contribution)

Malt chocolate brownie bowls (and I do use the term "brownie" quite loosely here), served with your choice of fruit, nuts, homemade chocolate sauce and ice-cream

Another of my contributions - my very reluctant Pav.  While not an epic fail, I mean it was edible, it was still a fail in my books.  I am DETERMINED to get this right!  The softly whipped cream was just right - thanks to Mr L and his groovy gadget.

There was also a Sour Cream Pound cake on offer and some lovely decadent chocolate cupcakes.  And, add to this mix, a lovely bunch of families with some of the best behaved kids playing wonderfully together - it was a memorable Easter Sunday.

Thanks sis and M for hosting and all of the scrumptious food!
Shout out to B, L and T - it was lovely to meet you.  Cinnamon pull-apart will be coming your way soon!
Hiya to L, P, C and E - long time; no see.  But save for the addition to your family, you guys have not changed one bit.  I love it.
To my Dear Husband - Happy Easter, my love!  Thanks for taking over baby-sitting duties on the day.
And finally - Little Miss M and Baby Mac - you guys make my heart swell with pride and joy everyday, but especially on Sunday - it was such a long and exciting day and you guys coped way better than your hopeless mom!  Love you!

Happy Easter, everyone!!


  1. Awww. What a feast!! Hope you all had a great Easter. Wish we were there

  2. Yeah j! Wish you were here as well! Love you! Hmm.. I think that's enough exclamation marks for now.


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