Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sleep (or lack thereof)

Apparently, short people are predisposed to sleeping poorly.  It is a well known fact that tall people sleep longer (ba-da-bing).

Poor joke aside (provided by my Dear Husband and had me cracking up.  And then, after a minute of chuckling, had me asking if that was supposed to be a pun or a real fact, which, in turn had him cracking up at my gullibility).  As I was saying poor joke aside, I do sleep poorly.  Not quite an insomniac, just a bad sleeper.

And how do I remedy this, especially in the middle of the night?  I turn on my brightly lit iTouch while in bed and activate a puzzle app.  Yeah - thinking puzzles are the best way to get back to sleep.  Even better are the puzzles that time you, so that you keep trying to get a better and better time.  Nothing like those competitive juices to relax you and get you back to sleep.

Like this one - it's called latkin, but it's actually a game called KenKen.  It's like Sudoku, but it incorporates arithmetic.  Just the perfect thing to do in the middle of the night trying to get back to sleep.
Here are my top three recorded scores...  Take note : the time of day is the top number (hence the "am" or "pm" and the one underneath that is how long it took me to complete the puzzle in minutes and seconds).


Yes - it says "Awesome" and yes, it says 1:45am.  And look at the battery life... I used up half of it getting to this point.  And did I stop there?  Nooooo - I had to try and replicate it.  Sad that this is what I do for "fun and relaxation".  Sad that I couldn't replicate it.  Just Sad.  Sad.  Sad.

So let's look at something not so sad.  PRESENTS!!! More specifically, presents that I made and hence proving that I do not waste all of my time.

 I'm loving the kinda retro look of this one (I used an old pair of jeans) and I had a relaxing time embroidering the name onto the ball.  Quite therapeutic - hand sewing.

Happy Birthday, Ethan!

And also this set of goodies for my dear friend, Ms P.

And what's that tasseled thing, you ask?

A book weight!  I noticed that Ms P did not have a cookbook stand in her kitchen and thought this might be a nice alternative.  Twas a be-atch to make, but it came together in the end.  A big thanks to my super imaginative Dear Husband who suggested fishing sinkers to use as weights.

Happy Birthday Ms P!!  I know you love to bake and cook, so I hope you find many occasions to use your book weight (and that the sewing stays intact!).

PS.  The book weight was made using my imagination but the inspiration came from this wonderful blog.  The purses were made using the patterns from this talented designer, Nicole Mallalieu.  I have just read that Nikki will probably be closing her online retail shop (which was THE BEST source for bag and purse making supplies), so I would suggest checking it out quick before her store goes offline.

For more creative inspirations, head on over to JAQS Studio.

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