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Squelch that guilt

Going to Ikea can be a family treat in this family.  We wander around together; look at furniture together and have a little bite to eat together after all that walking.  It can be great... until we want to buy something big, and then it becomes a logistical nightmare.

With a small sedan storing a stroller in the boot and two small children needing huge car seats in the back - buying a bookshelf together is impossible. 

So, it is with much guilt that I instruct my Dear Husband to empty the car of the stroller and car seats and send him off to Ikea by himself with a list of things to buy (yes - I am an I.C.A (Ikea Catalog Addict) so I have a list).

And I have also asked my Dear Husband to stop off at the local baby store to see if the stroller we were interested in buying is available.

Oh, the guilt of sending him off to run these errands for me.


Until I realize that I am the one at home entertaining an energetic pre-schooler and a curious little bub.  Until I realize that I am the one that is cleaning up the kitchen spills, the toilet mishaps and the pooplosions.  Until I realize that I am probably going to have to gulp down my morning tea and cake.

No - the guilt stops now.  My Dear Husband has it good.  He can go shopping with a coffee in his hand.  He can stop by the local Bunnings for a sausage or two.  He can think his own thoughts in peace and quiet without having to juggle them with the all-important questions of "Why is the moon out in the middle of the day, mama, and why can I not pick my nose?" 

And so, I'm going to stick my kids together in their room and enjoy my cup of tea.  With cake.  And extra icing.  Using my fancy fork.  Thank you very much.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


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