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Happy (Belated) Australia Day

And a belated Merry Christmas and a belated Happy New Year!!  It's been a while, hasn't it?  Christmas and New Year was a busy time and I found that I did not miss the computer AT ALL!  I could probably do without one at home and live with the community provided one.  Actually, that's untrue.  Provided my husband was more than happy to do my research for me (on whatever topic that pops into my head - and that ranges from the weird to current events), I personally would be happy not sitting in front of this machine.  Laughable considering my job :)

But this blog has been on my mind, and every day that passes without posting is another lost opportunity to record and reflect and, most importantly, to share.

So... let me work backwards.  

Happy Australia Day!  And how did we celebrate?  The good ole Aussie way - through food!  English-influenced scones with jam and cream for breakfast.  Swedish sausage (aka Ikea sausage) for lunch.  Mexican tacos for dinner.  And a failed attempt at a US-claimed-probably-Gallic-origins-perfected-by-the-French-serves-me-right Lemon Meringue Pie.  

Oh - I was so disappointed with the pie.  The parts that we could eat tasted wonderful - light, refreshingly tart and sweet.  But I have not yet perfected the meringue in this oven (and I'm not blaming my tools - I just haven't figured out the perfect conditions in this oven for a meringue).

One out of the two layers for the cake.  I turned it out of the tin, into my hands and then realised that I had not prepared a plate to put it on to.  As I frantically called my dear husband, it collapsed.

What little we could eat...

But I'll leave you with how we finished up our day.  Enjoying the lovely Aussie weather.  Happy Australia Day - wherever you are in the world!


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