Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bedside topside

Bunk beds, loft beds… they’re pretty cool.  

Awesome cubby houses; magical castles; huge hideaway spots; in-house cinema.  

Just an awesome place to be.  

Why wouldn’t you have a bunk bed or a loft bed?  Especially with three kids!  Especially in a small apartment.

Well, here’s a couple of reasons why not…

If you’re the wrong height and you can’t reach the top bunk from the ground, do you know how difficult it is to change those bed sheets?

Or what about when you want to air out the mattress?  If I can’t put on the bedsheets from down there, how do you think I’m going to lift the mattress high enough to go over the railing and then down to the floor?  WATCH OUT BELOW!

And what about when your kid falls asleep in the car?  Yep – you can maneuver them out of the car.  Yep – you can carry them up the stairs.  Yep – you can turn this way and that so that you don’t bump them into the furniture.  But what about getting them UP to the top bunk?

And then, no bedside table.  Where to put the water bottle?  Where to put the bedtime book?  Where to put your glasses?  Or the iphone? (Actually, that’s for when the parent falls asleep in the top bunk!)

Well... I'm still thinking of how to address the first three problems (you're thinking stilts, aren't you?), I do have a solution for the last one.  Bedside pouch!

Thanks to a visit from a school friend, the little ones were all occupied so that I could whip this one up in an afternoon.  It's a button/strap attachment on the back with two very roomy pockets on the front.  Little Miss M is very happy.  And I feel safer knowing that no more heavy novels will come falling down from the top bunk in the middle of the night!

Sweet dreams, little ones!

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