Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Self confessed food addict

I love to travel.  I travel to experience different cultures.  I travel to see new sights.  I travel to meet new people.  I travel to catch up with my friends and family.  And I travel for the food.  Actually, I really travel for the food and everything else is a bonus.  But, you know… don’t tell anyone, especially my relatives.

One of the foods that I discovered while overseas in the U.S of A was the soft pretzel.  And the soft pretzel, still warm, lightly salted, served with a luscious caramel dipping sauce.  Thank you Auntie Anne’s.

Ok – so I would travel to the States just for Auntie Anne’s and In-an-out Burger and for the “biscuits with gravy” and for the pastrami sandwiches.  And for the ribs.  And for the chicken wings with buffalo sauce.  And to be able to eat raw broccoli dipped in ranch without anyone pulling faces!!!

And yes, I would travel to Hong Kong just for the mango with sago in coconut milk dessert.  Eh, so I’m easy.

Anyways, I thought I would give these pretzels a go.  I haven’t found anything here to compare against, so I’m actually living off a 10 year old memory. 

Pretzel recipe from here (I think!) with some hints and tips from Alton Brown (Love you!!)

 And no, it doesn’t quite measure up, but it’s a good start.  I’m moving in the right direction.  So I’m going to keep on. 

In the meanwhile, if you’re in the States, have one for me, ok?

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