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A Splash of Colour

I love our little set up at home.  Cozy.  Tiny.  I'm currently in love with small-space living and I'm constantly thinking of how we can make our set up work better and better for us.

One of things about our small space is that it can feel a bit dark.  I'm not entirely sure why.  The place is not constantly flooded with light, but the lighting is usually quite pleasant.  I suspect it's the flooring and possibly the walls.  And our furniture...

So I thought I would do something about our furniture.

And I turned this, our table and chairs...

Into this...

Hmmm... Looking at this photo, I think I might paint the sides of the table top a brighter white.  I was going for a rustic look, but this might be a bit too unfinished for me.

Originally (as in pre-kids), I wanted sleek and dark and elegant.  And then I moved onto sleek and white with chrome.  And then, skipping the whole white and natural wood (although that still appeals), I went for COLOUR!!

And so I introduce you to my latest obsession... Milk Paint.

Besides loving the colours available from this particular brand, I just love the paint.  It's very forgiving, quick to dry and pretty odourless.  For this project, in a small apartment as well, my first draft started one afternoon and finished that night (after feeding the family and putting the kids to bed).  This piece of painted furniture was sitting in the middle of our living room through all the family evening chaos, not bothering anyone.

The timeline (and one of the reasons why I'm loving this paint)..

I received this on Thursday afternoon (around lunch).  And I made a start.

I got to this point and then left it to pick up Little Miss M from school.  It was dry by the time we got back.

It was picnic dinner Thursday night.  And then back to work after the girls were in bed - another layer of paint (grey/white) to distress.  Quality control test on Friday morning.  It did not pass.

With the little ones around (!), I managed to repaint and add texture on Friday.  I also started on the chair legs.

One coat of furniture wax that evening (Friday evening) and we were ready to go - breakfast Saturday morning!

So far... I'm loving the colour.  The paint has so far survived milk spills, oily food droppings and oily fingers, table banging, intense pen colouring-in and general abuse.  I'm still a bit precious about having a scratch-free finish, and it has maintained that status so far, but I'm sure that it will not remain that way.  Unless I decide to apply multiple coats of some sort of varnish.  But, so far, the products that I've applied from the Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint range, is all natural and I'm loathe to change that.

Oh yeah - and the cushion covers were drummed up while Ms A was tugging at my elbows practising her new words.  It was a rush job - I wanted something in time for finishing the table.  Not a bad accomplishment in less than one week, eh?

I've got a couple more colours of paint and a few more pieces of furniture waiting for a new look.  Yeah!  Bring on Spring because I'm getting the home ready for it!


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