Saturday, December 15, 2012

But wait! There's more...

As if having another baby in the family is not enough, we actually thought it felt like the right time to do this...

Yes - it was a quick and painless process to buy, but now we're having to deal with small improvements before moving in.  So, we are simplifying and decluttering.  This makes moving so much easier and it's needed because we're moving into a place smaller than what we are living in now!

As part of the simplifying process (and because I'm, you know, that a-retentive kinda gal), I'm trialling a new filing paper system.  I hoard paper so I feel I need to get a system down otherwise I drown in paper.  As it is, I can't find my marriage certificate or the birth certificates of my 2 eldest, but I can find the last 3 months worth of grocery receipts!!!  If the system works then I can invest in nice containers and possibly holes in the walls in the new place.

Don't worry - this kind of craziness only happens when you're awake and bleary-eyed at 2 in the morning suffering from sleep deprivation.

On another note... before Ms A came along, I was fortunate enough to have snagged a place in this workshop.  I have raved on about Nicole Mallalieu before and I will again.  Not only are her classes extremely informative and productive and inspiring, but they are so relaxed and fun and, for me, a treasured time to have a day of just sewing.

I was not able to finish this bag in the class, but I did eventually get around to it after Ms A was born.  And so here is another UFO-turned-FO.  This was another exercise of sewing for the love of sewing (and practising zipper insertions - 4 zips in total!) and has since found a home with my big sis.

The large tote bag pattern is a "beginners bag pattern" but that's more about the sewing ability and not about the finished product.  There are so many hints and tips in the pattern instructions, and taking the class is icing on the cake with more hints and tips for crisp finishes.  I'm pretty proud of this one and would venture to say that this is a handmade product, not just a homemade one.

Now I'm off to squeeze some more time in front of the sewing machine.

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