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Birth versus graters and needles

You know - when I gave birth to my second child I didn't use any drugs.  No epidural, no laughing gas, not even panadol.  This was not about "preference"; I just didn't need it. 

The monitor said I was having contractions - I didn't feel it. 

The monitor said I was having strong contractions - I said "Oh really? Hmm." 

In the last 20 minutes I said to my Dear Husband "Oh, I can feel them now.  Can you please massage my back?" 

And that was all the pain relief I needed - a back massage.  A couple of pushes later and Baby Mac was safely out.

Although the birth of my first born involved a bit more pain, it was commented at the time that I had a very high pain threshold.

Well... it would seem that I have a high pain threshold but only when giving birth.

Faced with a needle going into my arm - I cringe.

Holding my baby for her immunisation shots - I tense up so much that I'm nearly crushing her.

And confronted with a small (but deep, I pinky swear it was deep) gash on my finger from a too vigorous stroke against the grater and I'm a big girl's blouse.  I called my husband home from work.  *sigh* yes, I called my husband home from work for a gash on my finger.

And when he comes home, he finds me calm and collected, until he leads me to the bathroom (away from the girls) in which I totally break down.  And I'm begging him - BEGGING HIM - to forego the antiseptic and just put on the bandage.  

Okay, so I didn't use the word "forego".   It was more like "no.. no.. no.. please no.. it's going to hurt.. it's going to hurt.. no.. I don't want it.. it's going to hurt.. I don't need it; it will be alright without it.. if you love me you won't do it.. no.. no.. no".

Not one of my finer moments.

But this one is... converting an extra early morning call from both of my girls into - no, not a grumpy, bleary-eyed mom - but into Blueberry Breakfast Cake.
Breakfast?  Cake?  Oh yes, please.

So, what can you expect when someone like me tells you that this IS a breakfast cake?  

Well, it goes great with your morning tea or coffee.  The texture is more like your morning muffin and not your afternoon cupcake.  It has fruit in it.  And if you serve it with cream (or ice-cream) you would have a good portion of your dairy needs already met.

It tastes wonderful.  That hint of lemon from the lemon zest is a treat.  It is just as good the following day.  And is there really a better way to start your day?

Enjoy peeps!

PS. A few notes :
- I didn't have any buttermilk, so I replaced this with a milk/vinegar concoction.
- I didn't have enough fresh blueberries, so I made up the difference using frozen blueberries.


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