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Keeping Dear Husband in the Loop

Imagine this.

You're sitting at work, at your desk, being the desk jockey that you are.  You get a phone call from your wife.  "Are you busy, darling?  Little Miss M has something to ask you."

"I'm fine to talk."

A breathless, excited, can't-stand-still, little girl comes onto the phone and the words come tumbling out of her mouth.  "Daddy, Daddy - I farted in the potty!!  Which column does the fancy sticker go?"

Huh?  You ask.

Well, potty training, with all of its bribes are currently underway.  The bribes...uh, sorry... reward system comes by way of a bunch of stickers, some fancier than the others and a chart - "Little Miss M's Potty Chart".  The chart is broken up into three columns
1.)  Little Miss M uses a panty. 
2.)  Little Miss M uses the potty. 
3.)  Little Miss M pee's or poo's in the potty.

Short story is that, after some real progress and success, we encountered outright resistance.  We put all the potty related stuff away until Little Miss M declared her readiness to try again.  As encouragement for every little step, stickers were rewarded for wearing a panty; sitting on the potty (panty or nappy on as well as off); and actually doing something in the potty (this was rewarded with the fancier stickers).

On this particular day, Little Miss M was doing wonderfully - wearing a panty and sitting on the potty (still wearing the panty) numerous times.  Lots of stickers. 

And then "Mommy - I need to use the potty!"  And she ran to the toilet and actually pulled down her panty and sat down.  After concentrating and straining, she jumped up and yelled "I did it!"  We looked down, but nothing there.  "Where is it, Mommy?"
"Well, what did you do, sweetheart?  Did you pee or did you poo?"
"I farted"
"That's really wonderful, sweetheart.  I think you deserve a fancy sticker." 
"But which column?"
"Hmmm... let's ask your Dad."

And hence the phone call.

Some photos... In loving memory of nappy-free time (without the toilet training stress).


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