Friday, February 11, 2011

Deeper Water

By Paul Kelly (this song made me smile and tear up when my dear husband first sang it to me - soon after we found out we were pregnant the first time round.  I smiled and enjoyed the song in my head while watching father introduce daughter to the wonders of the beach a few years on.)

On a crowded beach in a distant time
At the height of the summer see a boy of five
At the waters edge so nimble and free
Jumping over the waves looking way out to sea

Now a man comes up from amongst the throng
takes the young boy's hands and his hand is strong
And the child feels safe, yeah the child feels brave
As he's carried in those arms up and over the waves
Deeper water...

Manly Beach 2011 (thanks for a great time C, J, V and dear little Misses K and M!)

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