Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Origami anyone?

Hey there!!!  Long time; no see.  And I've finally figured out why!!  I think it's because I haven't been taking photos.  I've been a bit discouraged with my photographs every since we got a new lens.  I'm not blaming my equipment (:)), but it's taking me a while to get used to it.

So, I've got to lug my beloved camera around and just practise practise practise.

Anyways, here's what I have been up to... Fabric Origami Boxes.  I bet you would not have put fabric and origami together, eh?  Eh?  Eh?  But yes, they can and I did and it worked.  It worked wonderfully.

Here's my latest project... with me going back to my card making as well which is a bonus...  Blank cards (with matching envelopes) inside fabric boxes.

This was a present for a friend of my Dear Husband whom I knew would appreciate it.  And she did.  And the funny thing (well, to me anyway), was that I gave the present with no card.  I HATE writing in greeting cards, therefore I HATE giving cards, therefore I almost always never give a card with my presents.  But I do enjoy making them cards...

The book I used for the fabric boxes was this.  But once you know how to turn your plain ole fabric into origami-able (not an acceptable word in Words with Friends, but it should be, don't you think?  But I digress.. where was I?  Oh yes...) once you know how to turn your plain ole fabric into origami-able fabric, then the world wide web is your oyster.  Or however that saying goes.

What else has been happening at chez moi?

A bit of baking...

A spot of mothering... (hello Ms A!)

And watching my littlies growing up...  here's Little Miss M and Ms A keeping each other company.

Eh - she's multitasking... sleeping and keeping her big sis company!

And keeping Baby Mac out of mischief... although in this instance, it was cleaning up after a spot of mischief...

*sigh*  I didn't really need that whole tub of vaseline anyway *sigh*

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