Monday, December 5, 2011

Last minute Advent Calendar

I was really against Advent Calendars before.  I just didn't understand how they fit in the spirit of Christmas.  

 And then, one day a thoughtful friend (thanks P!) sent me this link which made me rethink the spirit of the Advent calendar and inspired me to make not one, not two but three Advent Activity calendars  (one for Little Miss M and one each for her two cousins)!!  

 Unfortunately, I didn't get this lightbulb inspiration until the 2nd of December, which was the same day that my Baby Mac was not feeling too great.  

So, from none to three, in the space of one late evening, here are my super quick, super simple, Advent Calendars.

Want to know how to make them?  Then read on!

You'll need
- brown crafting or wrapping paper.  I got mine from Woolworths.
- ribbon tied into bows
- some Christmas stamps or stickers (something to decorate about 5 or 6 brown packets)
- a pen/texta to write the numbers (or you can stamp them if you have the stamps)
- a sewing machine (the tool that makes it super quick and super simple)
- a glue (strong enough to glue the ribbon to the packet as well as gluing paper together)
- chocolate (or your treat to put into the packet)
- an activity for each day of December leading up to Christmas (optional)

Note : this being a super quick project, there is no real accuracy required.

1.  Cut out the required number of rectangles from the brown paper measuring 15cm x 13cm.

2.  Number each paper and decorate say one in five (or more if you wish) with a Christmas sticker or stamp.

3.  For each piece of paper, roll up the shorter sides together and glue it together to make a tube.

Like decorated toilet rolls!

4.  Making sure that the number or Christmas sticker/stamp is facing you, pinch the top of the tube so that it is flat at the top only (~1cm - 1.5cm) and then fold down.  Eg - in an East to West fold across the top of the tube.  The photos below should help!

Pinch together

Fold the top down - about 1 - 1.5 cm

Notice how it is still tube shaped at the bottom

5.  Do this for all of the papers.

6.  Lay them out near your sewing machine in number order.  

Yes - that is a portable bassinet.  Perfect height!!
7.  Sew across the flat tops of the packets in one continuous line.  Leave a 1-2 cm gap in between each packet.  I sewed in reverse number order - starting from 25 down to 1.  The back of the packet was facing up.

8.  Lay out the stringed Advent Calendar on a long flat surface.  Attach the ribbon bows and place your chocolates/treats (and activities, if you're doing them) in each packet.

9.  Put some glue on the bottom of each packet and pinch the tube in a North to South line.

10.  Hang and double check that all the bottoms are securely sealed.

We hung ours on our tiny Christmas Tree.

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